Building Hubs

We have co-created a holistic energy flow model for both Individuals and Communities alike, to assist in co-creating the necessary Unity Consciousness shifts, to form Positive, Holistic and Heart-Led Communities and The Heart Based Economy…

Helping You With The How To’s Of Community Hub Building…

“We have loved your help and steadfast support right from the get go 💫 You guys are amazing.

We look forward to many, many Positive Living Communities 👏”


— Alexia, New Zealand Country Coordinator, The Peoples Health Alliance

What We Offer

Community & Hub Building – Group Coaching & Mentoring on Zoom

Wherever you are in the world, we would love you to join us to explore and discuss your challenges and opportunities in building your local, holistic 5D+ Community.

1-Day Live Workshops

We would love to come and visit you and your Community group, to assist you in applying some practical tools & tips and guidance, to assist your people to come together in Unity Consciousness and grow.

Online Community Development Modules

This is our online modular version of what we overview in our 1 day live workshop, in case you cannot get to our live events in the UK.

Online Self-Empowerment & Own Your Freedom Modules

This is where we assist you to free yourself from the constraints and pressures of everyday 3D life and expand into a greater 5D+ version of yourself.

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