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Managing Your Assets

As our economy switches over to the Quantum Financial System, which is backed by precious metal assets like gold and silver, then heart-led projects will be given funding priority, and our personal wealth will be increased substantially. This will prompt new needs to manage our assets more wisely, with wealth coaching becoming a widespread requirement.

5D Trading of Products and Services

Our business interactions and the nature of trading, will change significantly in the Heart Based Economy. The ability to harness the abundant energy flows will be become easier and more sustainable. Existing businesses that are not able to adapt to their higher purposes will dissolve and fade away. Only businesses of higher vibrational frequencies will remain and expand.

New Ventures

New projects and innovations are already emerging from peoples sense of their higher self and the desire to co-create longer term benefits for and with their Communities. People of all ages are already united through their shared passions and heart-led callings, to contribute positively. The future will be defined by multiple beautiful collaborations and crowd sharing solutions, rather than competition and market share. This is The Golden Age in the here and now.

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