Positive Living Communities


If you wish to co-create and bring your local Community together, using a Heart Based Unity Consciousness approach, then you are in the right place…

Why Become A PLC Member?

Coaching & Navigational Assistance

We aim to provide you with beneficial, insightful & intuitive coaching & mentoring, which directly links to the future expansive possibilities, but remains grounded in practicality and realism.

It is no small thing to recreate a new world & rebirth an expansive social model, built around loving collaboration, heart-led highest purpose and mutual support.

Our fortnightly group coaching & mentoring zoom calls are designed to share great know-how from Community members as well as assist you with real-life problem solving, focussed around your biggest issues & challenges of Community Building.

New Learning Pathways

Self-empowered learning is very important to us, to assist your rapid growth and maximum joy, in creating your new Individual and Community future.

If it’s assisting you with Visioning, or Getting Organised as a new working group, or Innovating the ways it all works to deliver real benefits quickly, or Embracing Unity Consciousness, we are here to help you to manifest wisely.

We assist in the development of heart-led facilitators, (from within your Community group), who can provide holistic local support for effective Community Building, during your various meetings & events.

We wish to encourage you to co-create The Heart Based Economy in your Positive Living Community & region, so we can all benefit from this advanced 5D living model.

Versatile Models and Frameworks

We seek to provide stimulus to your own creative ideas, rather than provide prescriptions where ‘one size fits all’. We believe that every man & woman, & every Community, is unique in their own right.

So our Community Hub models & frameworks are presented to provide a guide to what’s best for your Community, not necessarily a finished solution.

As we move away from top down, ‘done for you’ dictates and ‘govern-mental straight-jacket’ thinking, & move towards harnessing our own heart-led, creative expressions of Higher Purpose & New Life Callings, we may find ourselves naturally Unifying into groups with shared values, interests and passions.

This coalescence of creativity will ignite new loving and compassionate energies to manifest our new futures. It is our honour to assist and support this process, in order to build Positive Living Communities, together.

Live Workshops and Online Events

Our live workshops & online events are designed and organised with your self-empowerment in mind. You are your own guru’s, not us.

We are coaching and assisting your self-empowerment, not acting as ‘wanna-be icons’ to be obeyed. Much of our learning pathways are provided to assist you to remember who you really are and remove the obstacles, both conscious & unconscious, to reveal that new self-awareness.

The co-creation of lasting fulfilment and personal joy in finding wonderful new ways to work together and co-create, for the highest good of your Community is where we are coming from.

We aim to make every event we run, full of new insights, perception shifts & practical ways to make a positive difference for your Positive Living Communities.

18 PLC Members Benefits & Insightful Co-Creations…

Choose To Co-Create Your Expansive New Earth

Channel your excitement, creativity and enthusiasm into practical ways to enhance your local Community standing, self-governance and well-being. Step into self-mastery and manifest your future timelines by activating your Innate Power and Divine Authority

Access the PLC Hub & Practitioner Directories

Access the Positive Living Community Directory of Community Hub Builders worldwide, and holistic practitioners, to find your local groups and support networks. Share experiences, solutions, opportunities and learnings, with each other.

Fortnightly ‘Members Only’ Online Group Coaching and Mentoring Calls with Matt

Get direct access to a wealth of experience, insights and know-how, from Matt and Paul, to get your specific questions answered and problems explored and where possible, solved, on the spot, in the moment of need.

Discover Other Community Builders Success Stories and Share Your Own

We encourage you to celebrate your successes and share your breakthroughs with other Community Members, for the highest good of one and all. Together we all achieve more and there is great power in sharing our know-how with others.

Access The PLC Resource Library, for Success Stories, Vlogs, Training and Self-Empowerment

Enable your own freedom and self-empowerment through our transformational learning experiences and module resource library, designed for both Individual and Community uses. Become familiar with 5D+ Community Building and coach others to co-create The Heart Based Economy, with Unity Consciousness.

PLC Community Gatherings

Come and join a big gathering of like minded and motivated Community Builders. Meet proactive people who are changing the old paradigms. Pick up new insights from interesting people, doing their thing in their Communities.

Training Modules For ‘How To Set Up Your PLC’

Access step by step guidance and suggestions to assist you in visioning, organising and running your Positive Living Community with practical assistance on things like locations and venues, equipment, Who;s Your Crew?, Discovering Your Community Focal Points, etc.

Learning Journey To ‘Own Your Freedom’

Become self-aware, in order to become self-governing, so that you no longer rely on the old systems of command and control. Co-creating the ability to speak and act wisely, from Unity Consciousness and repel all false contracts, claims and demands, with courage, confidence and self-empowerment.

Access The PLC Articles Library

Access and acquire the latest know-how and explore emerging best practices from other Hub Builders. Learn from practical shared experiences and insights, from ourselves and from other Members. y

Access to Holistic Healthcare Via The PHA

We are partnering with The People’s Health Alliance to co-create new holistic and integrated healing and healthcare pathways, which include natural remedies, treatments and consultations.

Access To Growing Hubs Via The PFFA

We are partnering with The People’s Food and Farming Alliance to assist with domestic growing opportunities, Community growing projects and large scale farmers, who wish to switch their supply of produce to more local and regional Community markets.

PLC Podcast Library

Learn about what really works, from other leading co-creators, via PLC Podcasts, and pick up on leading edge innovations in 5D+ Community Building, from ‘role models’ already operating in The Heart Based Economy.

PLC 5D Practitioner – Products and Services Map

Access a growing awareness map and directory of 5D+ products, practitioners and holistic service providers, all making the Heart Based Economy a reality, in the here and now.

5D Enterprise Map and New Ventures Zone

Find Producers selling their ethical products in a free listing on the PLC 5D Enterprise Map. Add your own ethical business to the Directory and Map. Explore new Conscientious Investment opportunities for your heart-led 5D projects.

5D Business Transformation Coaching & Consulting

Access the latest thinking and strategies for changing the way your business operates, in the 5D Heart Based Economy.

PLC Coach Training

Learn how to work well in groups, facilitating progress with kindness and sensitivity, in order to preserve and build Unity Consciousness and great Community relationships.

Discounted Tickets For Live and Online Events

Enjoy Member discounts for attending future events.

Access To Future PLC 5D Project Funding Sources

We aim to access 5D+ funding sources to enable the growth and benefits realisation of new Community based, heart-led projects and Innovation based ventures, for the betterment of Mankind.